Travel into the cyber world of Saradhi Travels.

Travel... the very word conjures up tales of fun, pleasure, merriment, fascination and evokes feelings of curiosity. It works as a magic potion to drive away one's blue moods and instead assimilate a thirst and drive for a journey to a place where it is no work and all play, one's personality and mental thinking undergoes transformation and a whole new world of freshness, vibrancy and new zest for all work and no play dawns. It helps acquire knowledge and instills better and greater respect and attitudinal change towards people, nations and society as a whole. It broadens one's mental horizons and elevates one's mental thinking to a higher plane.

Travel as a concept has undergone a tremendous transformation over the years, it has brought about a change of mindset among people and shortened the geographical boundaries. Travel business in the city has grown by leaps and bounds, acquired healthy reputation and has begun to play a key role in the way people act, think, react and shape their personality, it has fine-tuned their overall vision of things around them.

We see a distinct change, we see a tremendous opportunity to tap this exciting change of events and create a niche for ourselves in the world of city's travel business. Towards the same, we seek useful and interesting viewpoints from our patrons, incorporate the same and excel further as to provide better service and make the whole business of travel an eventful, interesting and educative one.